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Thread: Star tracker recommendations

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    Star tracker recommendations

    I have developed an interest in astrophotography, and have started doing a lot of research on methods.

    Skipping a lot of details, I have a question regarding star trackers.

    For those of you who use one, which star tracker do you like the best?

    Now, as always on the forum, I want to qualify my question so as not to get a lot of “irrelevant” responses. Price is not a consideration, and I would like to find a solution that is easily portable (such as the Vixen Optics Polarie, or the iOptron SkyGuider), but reliable to work with a heavier Nikon D5, and a Zeiss wide-angle. I am also interested in which ones have the better accessories.

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    Re: Star tracker recommendations

    I have a Vixen Polarie. It is a really nice star tracker. I also have the polar scope for it. It is very compact and easy to carry. I know people also like the iOptron. When you think of the load, the tripod and tripod head are part and parcel of the equation. Tracking with wide-angle lenses is not very demanding.

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