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Thread: ghost image: gurus help call

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    ghost image: gurus help call


    I have some ghost images while panning from left to right in some video files from a last week shooting.

    I give here a sample, a frame that shows the phenomenon.

    Attachment 37757

    This was filmed at 24 frames/sec with dslr. That could be the cause.

    See that this is not a blured image from movement but a real ghost image

    -It does show up only on fast movements.
    -It does hardly show up on the original file but yes in Premiere and Edius and in export also.
    -It does not happen in all the secuences but in a few, particularly the ones shooted with the 200mm (but this one isn't, I think it was a 50mm if my merory is correct)
    -It only happens in the fastest movements (on the sample I actually move the camera quite fast from left to right)

    Is the speed choice (24) the cause?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: ghost image: gurus help call

    Looks like an artifact from rate conversion. 24 doesn't convert cleanly to 50 or 60, and occasionally a frame needs repeating. To avoid obvious stutter it's repeated out of order. If you set output to 60 you might be able to see them as individual frames.

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