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Thread: Small steadicam/stabilizer for NEX-5N?

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    Small steadicam/stabilizer for NEX-5N?


    Its been a long time since I was out shooting video, as I do mostly photography these days. But now Ive got the very very small Sony NEX-5N and Id like to have some fun with it video-wise. What are my options for a very small steadicam to go with this camera?



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    Re: Small steadicam/stabilizer for NEX-5N?

    Have a look on ebay; I saw three or four there when I was looking. They feature gimbal mounts, and a longish curved arm that hangs from the gimbal, with small weights on the end, and a handle. I have used a monopod this way, and they work, but these purpose-built mounts looked much better. The one I was considering for the GH-2 is made in India.

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