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Back Focusing Nocti.

Added by ChrisDauer
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Back Focusing Nocti.
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  Description for Back Focusing Nocti.

Description by ChrisDauer


This IS a story here... ask me sometime

Comments for Back Focusing Nocti. (2)

  1. #1 Bob
    Re: Back Focusing Nocti.
    I think you were focusing on Woody's eye. hmmm
  2. #2 ChrisDauer
    Re: Back Focusing Nocti.
    Actually, in this case, I was aiming for his upper ear and was attempting to use the contrast between his hair and skin (pink and white), to aid in focusing. It would have aided me more to not have completely guessed at the distance. Also, it would have helped if my finger had not been covering the focus box.

    What can I say, first time w/ a rangefinder (ever). I'd say I captured the important subject perfectly at f1.0.