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cafe la coupole

Added by cam
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by cam
cafe la coupole  3 Umbrellas & A Tilted Tower (dinan, Brittany)
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  1. #1 helenhill
    Re: cafe la coupole
    Love the LOOK!!
    Reminds me of a French Gangster Movie
    Cheers- H
  2. #2 helenhill
    Re: cafe la coupole
    Actually I just thought
    their getting in the last few puffs
    before the midnight smoking ban.
    The poor French without smoking.......VIVE LE FRANCE
  3. #3 cam
    Re: cafe la coupole
    thank you, helen!
  4. #4 cam
    Re: cafe la coupole
    thank you, Wouter! i'm going to see Saul Leiter speak tonight at the HCB foundation. i think i remember reading somewhere that he said only one image in a hundred was really worth it (or was it a thousand?)... this is mine. it keeps me shooting
  5. #5 Lili
    Re: cafe la coupole
    It is very film noir in feel, love it.
  6. #6 cam
    Re: cafe la coupole
    thank you, Lili!

    shot in JPEG, actually. i was running out of room on my card. fortunately, this was actually on my computer when the external HD died so it was saved. the rest of the pics from that day await resuscitation when funds allow it.