Exciting Changes Are Coming

Dear Forum members and guests:

Since the founding of getDPI we have strived to make this a friendly place where photographers of all stripes can gather, share images, talk about gear, and refine our techniques.

Over this time we have seen many excellent threads on various subjects that frankly deserve more persistent visibility.

We plan on implementing a new home-page layout with space for articles that inform as well as highlight the works of several of our members.

Some of these articles will be written by forum staff, some will be solicited, and we will have a way that others can be submitted for potential publication.

We will be starting small, but hope to have new content about once every week or two so that over time a rich collection of useful information and beautiful art.

In another development, we plan to remove many of the restrictions that are placed on the Buy and Sell forum. This will come at a small price.

Since the beginning we have charged nothing for the Buy & Sell service, but find that now with our increased traffic and scope we will be implementing this new section in a couple of stages.

First, we will upload a new buy and sell system that will be free initially so that users and moderators may get the hang of it. Once the gremlins are ironed out in perhaps 60 days, we will begin a modest charge for each Buy and Sell forum post. Again, since you will be paying a small fee for each ad posted, you will be able to list any item you wish, and post as many ads at one time as you wish.

We are hoping to maintain this as the friendliest photo forum on the net and hope that these new additions will benefit you and enhance your overall forum participation experience here at GetDPI!

Thank you-

Jack, Andy, and Bob

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