Forum Rules

Forum Rules:

1) Keep your discussions polite, fun and on topic. In short, act like you would at a friend’s dinner party. Arguing, rudeness, generally poor or negative behavior will be dealt with at moderator discretion as they see fit. This may result in the offending post(s) or entire thread(s) being deleted with or without explanation, and/or the offending poster(s) being banned or having their accounts suspended or erased. Note that broader topical and emotional latitude is tolerated in the “Sunset Bar” forum, but decisions on thread or post appropriateness remain at moderator discretion there as well.

2) Feel free to post images in your threads, in fact we encourage it!

3) Any post or contact deemed inappropriate or “SPAM” is subject to immediate deletion, along with the original poster’s account and without warning or explanation.

4) Pointing to services or products on your own site are considered in the same light as SPAM by many, so we do not want direct linking inside posts at GetDPI. You may post links to third-party articles, posts or even products that you feel are relevant to the GetDPI community. You may place information about your own site and/or products and services in your signature. We realize this is a “gray area,” and while we believe the majority of our members will not abuse this, the moderators have full discretion to delete, edit or ban as they deem appropriate.

5) Buy & Sell or FS and WTB. If you have camera gear to sell, go ahead and list it in the B&S forum. Basically any equipment related to imaging can be listed, including things like lighting and computers. However, we don’t want the area cluttered up with spam posts for items like cell phones or old DVD’s, so if it’s an item or service NOT directly related to photography or imaging, please don’t list it here. You are limited to three (3) FS or WTB or WTT posts TOTAL at any one time, though you can include as many items in a single post as you want. Also, you are only allowed to bump your posts ONCE per 24 hour period. Price: If you are trying to sell an item, you should know what you want for it, so please no listings without stating an asking price. Failure to include a price in your listing may result in it being deleted without comment. Ebay & other sites: Posts that only point to other sale or auction sites are NOT appreciated. However, if your listed item has not sold here after 48 hours, then it is okay to add a note you’ve moved the the item to eBay. FS posts with links to 3rd party sites prior to the 48 hour window may be deleted without comment. Photos of your gear are of course fine to include and in most cases will help the item sell more quickly. Commercial posts of any type are not allowed in this forum, use the commercial vendor section instead. offers this as a free service for our members and makes no warranties or implications regarding the veracity of the posters or items listed for sale, as such USE OF THIS FORUM IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

6) Commercial Vendor Sales and Services. Commercial dealers, vendors and reps may post any sale notices or special pricing on photography-related equipment, seminars or services in this section. USE OF THE FORUM’S INTERNAL PM OR EMAIL FUNCTIONS TO MAKE A COMMERCIAL CONTACT TO ANY MEMBER THAT HAS NOT SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED SAID CONTACT IS CONSIDERED “SPAMMING” AND IS NOT PERMITTED AND WILL BE DEALT WITH PER RULE #4 ABOVE. Commercial sale or advertising posts placed other than in this forum will either be moved to this forum or deleted at moderator discretion. offers this as a free service for our members and makes no warranties or implications regarding the veracity of the posters or items listed for sale, as such USE OF THIS FORUM IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

7) Reserved for future use ~

8) Reserved for future use ~

9) Reserved for future use ~

10) If we ever feel the need for more than TEN rules, we’ll start making the previous NINE more restrictive instead.

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