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Thread: Nocitlux on craigslist in idaho

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    Nocitlux on craigslist in idaho

    I was given these instructions to purchase he is not in idaho now. Price is too cheap. I believe i found a scammer.
    [email protected] to me
    show details 8:08 PM (1 hour ago)
    Hi there,
    Here are all easy steps to complete the transaction :

    First you will have to send me your full name,address and phone number. I will contact ebay and they will send you the invoice with all the details about payment and insurance .
    Regarding the payment, you will receive invoice from ebay will be instructed to deposit the money to an eBay account,You have to pay with cash. They will hold and insure your money until receipt of the lens in good condition. That is how their buyer protection policy is working. As far as the seller concerns, I will be glad to know that eBay has the possession of the money during the delivery period. That is my insurance.This is an refundable amount.
    In 48 hours you will receive the lens . After you receive the lens you have 5-10 days to test the lens and check the documents.
    After max 10 days you will contact the ebay and you can tell them your decision. If you decide to hold the lens, then you will have to authorize ebay to release the funds to me, and the transaction will be completed. If it does not matches 100% to your expectations, you will return it in maximum 10 days since the arrival date. In this case ebay protection program will refund you the full amount in 24 hours and the same delivery courier will pick up the lens and you donīt have to pay the return shipping.I am sure you will love the lens and will not want to return it, but it is good to know that you do have this second option available.
    During this transaction , ebay will provide you all the the support you need and you can ask for all the details of this deal.
    If you are interested in this purchase let me know .


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    Re: Nocitlux on craigslist in idaho

    Maybe it's stolen. Ask for the SN.

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    Re: Nocitlux on craigslist in idaho

    sounds fishy.
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    Re: Nocitlux on craigslist in idaho

    Sounds like an escrow that is not an escrow. Ebay itself says use ONLY, and that escrow scams are common. But this isn't even an ebay transaction, so how would ebay even be involved. You deposit your payment, the goods never arrive, and the "escrow agent" vanishes. The tipoff to me is the requirement of cash. The second tipoff is an unreasonably low price. I'd at a minimum ask the seller to list the lens on eBay -- or if you really want to see what they're up to, offer to come see it in Idaho. I'll bet they say no.

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    Re: Nocitlux on craigslist in idaho

    SCAM. They have been posting all over on CL. Flag this kind of person IMMEDIATELY, and walk away before you lose your money.

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