I really love the Panasonic GF1 camera. I am very impressed with the quality of the images. My one real complaint-- and this has always been an issue for me on my other Panasonic Cameras (e.g. LX 2,3), is the way the controls are configured on the camera. This one is a bit better but there are a few control settings that I like to have access to quickly and I do not like to have to scroll through menus on the LCD to get to them. The quick menu is not a great help. I would like it alot more if I could select what I want to scroll in the quick menu. In other words, why is there not a way to delete items from the quick menu and only maintain the 4 or 5 that are most appropriate for the user. For example, exposure control---- there is not even a way to make this a default for the F(n) button. THe Canon G11 had a great control wheel for this.

Ok nothing in life is perfect.