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I sent you a PM on the Fred Miranda website. I may be interested in your X2D as a second/backup body. Let me know what your best price would be and maybe we can make a deal. All the best,
Joe Colson
From an earlier posting, it looked like you visited Antarctica and used a GFX system on the trip. Did you happen to write a review of that trip, and the pros and cons of the GFX system there. I am contemplating a Lindblad tour of Antarctica and as a GFX user would very much appreciate any insights you might share. Thank You!
Robert Bowman
HI Robert,
I have not written a review, but I will work up a detailed post in my original thread about the topic. I will try to do that over the next week or so. The Lindblad trips are wonderful.
That would be great, Dave, thanks for your reply.

I was curious to ask what lens you have that you are taking the Cambo mount off of- if I had a similar lens, I may be interested in the Cambo mount.