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Thread: GH1 - external microphones ?

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    GH1 - external microphones ?

    Has anyone tried attaching an external microphone other than the one supplied by Panasonic? (Could come in handy for “fishpoling” or using lavalier mikes). If so, can dynamic mikes also be used or only condensor?

    The camera has no manual recording level settings. When recording an interview, for example, with loud background noise, do you find that the background noise “pumps up” during speech pauses, then “pumps down” when the speaker continues talking?

    Thanks for any insights.

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    Re: GH1 - external microphones ?

    Emory, a good place to find info on the GH1 for video is at Vimeo (there is a group for GH1) and 2 video forums


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    Re: GH1 - external microphones ?

    Thanks for your quick and helpful response, Diane. I recall benefitting from quite a few of your postings back in the spring, when I was more active in the internet.

    The GH1 is still my favorite, but I've been holding off, hoping the price might come down a bit. In Europe it remains stuck at € 1500 (a whopping 50 off list price) -- at the current exchange rate, that's well over $ 2,000!

    I'll peruse those links you recommended, all three of which look promising.

    Kind regards,

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