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Thread: First Attempt at Street Photography

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    Brian Puccio

    First Attempt at Street Photography

    All shots from the hip, GF1, Zeiss 25mm (need something wider, though I know if I go wider, my corners turn to more mush) ISO 1600 (except for the first at ISO 800), 1/40, f/2.8. Sorry for the noise, it was night and I'm used to my old clunky Canon DSLR which would be less noisy and let me use an IS lens. Feedback on how to improve welcome!

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    Re: First Attempt at Street Photography

    Brian, I would have just used the 5D. GF1 or 5D for "hipshots" should make no difference but for the (noise) outcome.

    Feel free to join in on the "Street" thread.

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