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Thread: follow up to Lightroom v2.6 RC ...

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    follow up to Lightroom v2.6 RC ...

    In addition to the fact that all the image artifacts which appeared on Apple PowerPC systems in v2.5 are gone in v2.6 RC, I discovered something else:

    LR v2.6 RC now recognizes the LensType or LensID tag from FourThirds and micro-FourThirds lenses used on the G1/GH1/GF1 bodies. This allows the Metadata::Lens category on the filter bar to be populated with the names of the lenses instead of just "Unknown lens".

    This fixes a long standing omission with respect to the Panasonic bodies.

    (A little more investigation showed that LR 2.6RC now reads this same data from the Panasonic L1 body's JPEG files too. The L1 body does not encode the LensType or LensID data into its .RAW files, unfortunately.)


    After suitable testing, I was confident that I could Save metadata to file... for all G1 master files, then Read metadata from file... on the same set and thus populate Lightroom 2.6RC's Lens metadata. It ran overnight (many many files...!) and succeeded.

    The same lenses used on the Olympus E-1 are represented by a different name when used on the Panasonic G1:

    So it's not perfect, but it's a lot better than before. I can easily see what's the same and what's different with these names. I do have to continue keywording for my adapted manual lenses, however.
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    Re: follow up to Lightroom v2.6 RC ...

    What does this mean to LR 3.0 Beta?
    I downloaded it but have not tried it yet. I was unaware that a RC was available for version 2.5.....

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