Olympus 70-300mm zoom + Panasonic 4/3rds to micro 4/3rds adapter.

Henrys: $655.00 tax in.
B&H: $435.00 tax-in and landed to Canada, 1-2 day deliver via UPS.

That's both with the $100 rebate offered by Olympus on the lens.

Camera bodies are reasonable. They've become like printers, all the money being made on the ink, whereas with cameras, the money is made on the accessories. So, in Canada a body will cost roughly the same as in the U.S., but lens prices, memory prices, filter prices, battery prices are all off the charts too much in many cases.. I don't mind paying 15% more if a product is in a store and can be seen and inspected, but not 50%, not when the Can. dollar is only about 4-5% lower than the U.S.