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Thread: Reel photo session with the E-P1

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    Reel photo session with the E-P1

    My younger sister is has studied theater and she wanted some pictures for her photo reel that she may send to agencies (for advertising, movies, etc). She has asked me to take some photos of her. Since I have zero experience shooting "fashion" like stuff I'd really love to hear what you guys think. I shot everything with natural light with the E-P1 (17mm 2.8 and a pentax 50mm f1.7). The first half of the slideshow has interiors and the second half has exteriors. There are a lot of photos so take your time

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    Re: Reel photo session with the E-P1

    I'm no pro, either, but I like these a lot. I would weed out some of the ones with "disconnected" arms, hands, feet, as these look awkward. For your sister's purposes, I think these need to be balanced with some more traditional studio shots. I'm sure others around here will have more informative comments.
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