For those who are interested using ND filters I wanted to share with you a project I am working on. The GH1 (not sure about G1) can do a very long shutter speed if there isn't a whole lot of light touching the sensor. The nice thing about that is you get the 'moving water' effect.

I want to combine the slow shutter speed of the GH1 SH HD mode, for a scene that will show water moving and a voice over in the background with me in the frame. Then in the summer time, I will shoot the same shot in SH HD, and fade from the winter scene to the summer during the movie, all while showing the moving water as it would with a super slow shutter.

So, the first test was done today, I have 4x4 and 4x6 Schneider filters used for this shot. Here are the first two test shots...I still need at least 4-5 more stops of light loss either by going to this scene in the morning or evening or getting another ND filter in there somehow? I might try holding a .3 nd in my hand and in front of the other glass to see how that works?

Schneider Xenon 35mm @ F11 with a Schneider 81ef warming polarizing filter and a .9nd hard gradient filter in landscape orientation and in the vertical orientation. The .9 nd gradient is being used on the sky, and the warming, polarizing filter is in front of it affecting the entire image.

The first shot gets the water close to what I want, the second does not as it was to bright, but I wanted to try out the framing.