This was from a series that ended up being unusual for me. We recently visited the SF Zoo (I also usually do not post zoo pics), and I came away with this series.

What is unusual is that I did not shoot for B&W this trip out, and it is unusual for me to have a "non B&W trip" have so many that I preferred as B&W. Usually, I set out on a trip planning to focus on B&W or not, more to put myself in a mindset. As a matter of fact, all of the ones I liked, I ended up preferring as B&W.

I tried some different processing, so comments are quite welcome.

The link to a slideshow is here; there are a few that I used to fill out the "story" that are weaker than others to my mind.

There were enough images that I didn't just want to paste them in a thread, so I made the slideshow.



The first image, and the one that prompted me to do the campy slideshow is here. I can just imagine the one in front telling the ones in back to hang on .