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Thread: C/Y Zeiss on GH-1

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    C/Y Zeiss on GH-1

    I am finally getting to posting some examples from my Contax Zeiss C/Y mount 16mm and 18mm lenses on the GH-1. I don't see any corner smearing on these!

    The first one is from the 16mm fisheye and the second is from the 18mm f4. I love these lenses!

    This is my first time posting images - Hope I do this right

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    Re: C/Y Zeiss on GH-1

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    Re: C/Y Zeiss on GH-1

    Hi Rachell, The corners look good. Did you need to de-fish the 16mm or does the 2x factor take care of that? What kind of adapter do you use for C-Y lenses?

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    Re: C/Y Zeiss on GH-1

    Hey Cindy. I was very happy to see that the corners hold up on these lenses. The 2x pretty much takes care of the distortion - I can still get a little but if I shoot straight on, it is pretty much gone.

    I have c/y to EOS adapters on the lenses and then I use a jinfinance EOS to m4/3 adapter. Works great!

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