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Thread: 4/3 lenses for EOS?

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    4/3 lenses for EOS?

    Hi guys

    I own a Olympus E3 + a number of 4/3 lenses and I'm quite satisfied with the results I get on stills.

    Lately I'm considering going DSLR video recording using the Canon D7 and I would very much like to use my 4/3 lenses for that. (The Canon D7 should potentiallty fit 4/3 lenses better than the Canon 5D mk II, which is full frame).
    But surfing around gives me the impression that there is no Canon (D7) body to 4/3 lense adapter on the marked.

    Am I right about this and if so, would it be impossible?
    Sorry if this thread is put in the wrong subforum.


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    Re: 4/3 lenses for EOS?

    You are right, there is no adapter. And yes, it would be impossible to make one that functions properly.

    The problems in this case are several; the 4/3 lenses are supposed to sit closer to the sensor than the Canon body allows, and then there is this with the electric communication between the body and the lens... Finally, the 4/3 lenses are made for smaller sensors. Compare the sensor size between 4/3 and Canon APS and you'll find some 4/3 lenses don't cover the whole sensor.

    You may reconsider your choice of camera for videos. I'm not into video and have no idea how the video quality compares between these cameras but a 4/3 camera can use your 4/3 lenses.


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