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Thread: Hi New GF1 owner with MF assist question

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    Hi New GF1 owner with MF assist question

    Hi Folks

    I have enjoyed the using my e410 with the tiny kit lenses so much, I thought i'd try "downsizing" even further plus have a go at video, so the GF1 has joined my household. I got the body only with the 4/3 adapter and I can use the kit lenses from the E410 plus my nikon lenses in MF focus mode.

    My question is: does the MF assist feature work while shooting video? MF control is great for video but only if you can get it sharp quickly! I haven't been able to get the magnfication assist to work so far during video. Maybe it doesn't?



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    Re: Hi New GF1 owner with MF assist question

    It seems it doestn - on the other hand it kind of makes sense as the resolution recorded is less than the smallest focus magnification (the extra pixels propably arent read).

    An appropriate focus assist function would be nice though (I dont have a lot of video experience, and my feeling is that nailing perfect focus might be a bit less critical than in stills, but Im sure there are situations where this doesnt apply).

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