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Thread: Nikon gear gone, more m4/3 gear arrived

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    Nikon gear gone, more m4/3 gear arrived

    Thats it all the Nikon gear sold.

    The 20mm and 45mm have joined my m4/3 equipment list, now pondering the 7-14mm but wondering how much use I would get out of it.

    Thinking about maybe getting the 14-140 as a good walkabout lens but then would have 20, 45, 14-45 and 45-200 and the 14-140 so would have a lot of duplication.

    That 7-14 is a lovely bit of kit but I am wondering if that is what is attracting me to it.

    Then again may wait another couple of months and see what new things Panasonic launches.

    Decisions decisions.



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    Re: Nikon gear gone, more m4/3 gear arrived

    Hi Kevin,

    decisions, decisions, ....

    I myself decided on the 7-14mm because it adds sooo much creative possibilities ! A 14-140 is certainly a nice lens, but, as you stated yourself, it does not add anything in regards to FOV to what you have nowadays !

    Just my 1 Eurocent

    Choosing is loosing

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    Re: Nikon gear gone, more m4/3 gear arrived

    You have the 14-45, 20/1.7, 45/2.8 and 45-200 now?

    Don't buy anything. Shoot a few thousand photos. Then decide what would add advantage for your desired picture taking, if anything at all.

    My mFT kit now is the Cosmicar 12.5 (doesn't cover the format completely, but gives me 'wide squares' ;-), 20/1.7, Konica 40/1.8 and Olympus 70/2. I know I'll use the 45 a lot (I'm borrowing one and love using it) so that's on my list.

    I'd like a better wide ... I crossed the upcoming Oly 9-18 off my list because I don't want a telescoping lens. So at the moment it's either going to be the Panasonic 14/2.8 or 7-14/4.

    But I'm in no hurry. There are *plenty* of photo opportunities given just what I have to work with. I only rarely carry more than just the 20 and 40.

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