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Thread: Oly FL-14 diffuser?

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    Oly FL-14 diffuser?


    I bought the e-p1 with the European free flash deal. So I currently have the FL-14 flash. I am trying to find a nice diffuser for this flash, mainly because it can only flash directly forward and I hate hotspots. Does anybody have a tip for a diffuser,omnibounce or other ways to redirect the light?

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    Re: Oly FL-14 diffuser?

    I haven't found that the FL-14 creates any hotspots but if you get a white semi-opaque plastic milk bottle or smilar, you should be able to fashion a little diffuser for nothing.

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    Re: Oly FL-14 diffuser?

    Thank you for the feedback. That confirms my research that there is no plug&play option for the FL-14. I should probably do some more tests but I think I will make a nice big milk jug diffuser, also for nicer shadows. Are there any "home build" solutions to direct a forward flash to the ceiling?

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    Re: Oly FL-14 diffuser?

    This is what I came up with after some tinkering. Still have the compact size of the FL-14 and working TTL. Flap can easily be bent up or down. The look of the images is just so much better than the straight on flash (I would not recommend buying the FL-14 because of this). It is made from a drink carton with a reflective coating on the inside.

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