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Thread: E-P1 vs E-PL1 AF Speed?

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    E-P1 vs E-PL1 AF Speed?

    Has any one tested AF between these two siblings? I am deciding between the two and while I would prefer to E-P1, only thing I want to confirm is AF speed.
    I am currently trying out E-PL1 and pretty satisfied with the AF speed, just would like to know if E-P1 would give same AF Speed performance.

    If anyone has tested/tried, please sahare your experience.


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    Re: E-P1 vs E-PL1 AF Speed?

    I find the EP1 AF speed very acceptable (you don't know what slow AF is till you try the Sony R1 in low light). Apparently the Lumix kit lenses (14-45mm and 45-200mm) make the AF system work faster than the Oly lenses. I don't have the EPL1 so I can't compare the two.

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