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Thread: e-p2 settings

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    e-p2 settings

    Am still figuring out the ideal menu settings for the ep2 to get the from a noise reduction, color , wb and other fundamental quality image making settings ? Would really appreciate if folks could share their own settings which give them the best results (I know its the subjective). BTW, I usually shoot jpeg


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    Re: e-p2 settings

    wow this is a tough question.
    it all depends on your subject.
    i shoot portraits so i prefer to tone down sharpness and contrast, preferring to leave everything in the middle ground.
    the more contrast/sharpness/saturation you set in camera, the more detail is loss and cannot be recovered in post processing.
    however, if you dont like to post process, then use the art filters on the ep2.
    i regularly use pinhole, grainy bw, soft focus, pop art and light tone.
    i use light tone when taking portraits in contrasty situations, it helps to keep all the details in without blowing highlights or shadows.

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