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Thread: Pentax files micro 4/3rds lens patents?

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    Pentax files micro 4/3rds lens patents?

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    Re: Pentax files micro 4/3rds lens patents?

    This could be phenomenal. Oly and Pana are not stupid so their game is to release basic lenses before they show up with the big guns. I mean, if either of them released for instance a 14-50mm constant f2.8 just think about how many people would just buy this lens and forget about the others (or maybe just get the 20mm f1.7 along with it). Pentax has always been on the sidelines but lately they decided to think bigger. The Pentax KX is a good example of that. If Pentax got into the micro 4/3 game things could get very VERY interesting. I'm thinking a 14mm f1.8, a 42mm f1.4 and a 14-50mm constant f2.8 at competitive prices would just kill the competition. And what about a Pentax micro 4/3 camera?! How cool would it be if they managed to get that incredible dynamic range and iso performance they managed to put on the KX system?! That is why I don't give up on the micro 4/3 system...the big guys (Canon and Nikon) may be reluctant to join, but it's simply inevitable!

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    Re: Pentax files micro 4/3rds lens patents?

    Very interesting!

    Thanks for finding it.

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