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Thread: Scientific, telecentric c-mount lenses

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    Scientific, telecentric c-mount lenses

    These lenses are very expensive (four figures) don't cover a whole sensor but I'm curious if anyone has tried one? Places like Edmond Optics (get their catalog, it's a c-mount lens paradise) sell them.

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    Re: Scientific, telecentric c-mount lenses

    I think I ran across someone who had used one on a different forum, but I can't place it now.
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    Re: Scientific, telecentric c-mount lenses

    That was probably me I have an Invaritar Telecentric Macro 5x. I'm actually thinking of selling it if you're interested in one - it'd be for quite a bit less than 4 figures.

    Here are a few samples from it. It actually does ALMOST cover the whole sensor - the first image is a 4:3 and you can just make out a tiny cutoff at the corner. First image is a small red ant (like the ones that live in between patio stones [at least here in Ontario]) and the second is the face of a baby mealworm.

    For larger images see:

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