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Thread: Urgent advice please re E-P1 autofocus performance

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    Urgent advice please re E-P1 autofocus performance

    I was an early adopter of the E-P1 and there were many things about the camera which I loved.

    Unfortunately I found the AF performance very poor to the extent that I sold the camera. I confess I have missed it and now notice that a local store has them in stock at a VERY low price.

    I would really welcome some input from those who stuck with it or bought into it later on as I understand there were various firmware upgrades which were designed to improve AF performance. I am particularly interested in any feedback from people who own both the E-P1 and the GF1


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    Re: Urgent advice please re E-P1 autofocus performance

    From my experiences, the 1.4 Firmware update makes the E-P1 noticeably faster with the 14-42mm and the 17mm lenses. With the Panasonic 20mm, it's a touch faster but not as noticeable (it gets straight to the point and doesn't rack back and forth that much). In real-life shooting, the focusing should more than good enough if you're not planning on tracking agile animals and athletes with it's focusing system.

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