Just wanted to share some work I completed on the GH1 (hacked GH1, so it is actually a GH13) and wanted to give everyone a chance to see some documentary style work I have done for my small winery. We make honey-wine out of local New England honey and fruit. Turning these local ingredients into local wine is my second job, and hopefully in 3 years be my full-time job! For now, we have only just begun our first batch 4 weeks ago, so the wine is still bulk-aging.

I am a member of the community here so I wanted to share. Technical details for those who want to know, GH13 kit = GH13, ATW-1823, AT-803b lav, 50mm SSC FD, Schneider Cinegon 20mm, Arriflex adapter, FD Adapter, H4n, Sony Vegas Pro for editing.

Thanks so much for taking a look!

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