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Thread: 17-69mm Krasnogorsk Meteor5-1 zoom

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    17-69mm Krasnogorsk Meteor5-1 zoom

    Has anyone used the 17-69mm f1.9 m42 version zoom and tested for coverage ? A post on another forum suggested that the wide angle coverage is 20mm image circle.
    Just wanted to be sure before I added to my huge collection of lenses.

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    Re: 17-69mm Krasnogorsk Meteor5-1 zoom

    I have a copy of this Meteor lens I had to rip out of some obscure USSR made 16mm film camera, it appears to be the same as the Krasnogorsk's Meteor just with a weird screwed-down breech lock instead of the M42 mount. It didn't look like it was ever meant to be removed from the camera but what's weird is that it came with a rear lens cap, so...

    Anyway I held it up to my E-P1 without mounting it and it had that same terribly small image circle (~17mm coverage) you get in regular TV C-mount zooms. Very disappointing considering all the work that went into getting it off of the camera.

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    Re: 17-69mm Krasnogorsk Meteor5-1 zoom

    That's the one I also have, I guess. If anybody wants to play around with that lens, I'll pass it on for the price of shipping, just send a PM. (If this is politically incorrect and needs to go into the sale section, please let me knkw...).


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