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Thread: Lensbaby tilt trqnsformer with lens adapter

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    Lensbaby tilt trqnsformer with lens adapter

    For anyone considering the New Lensbaby tilt transformer I cwn report that a lens adapter works just fine with it. I ordered a Fotodiox Nikon to FD and it arrived today. I haven't uploaded to Lightroom my few ( in the rain, from the porch and a few inside) and am looking at them on the Ipad, but I think that while I won't have the control I have over my EF TS I may be able to come close with practice. Surely opens it up to a lot of other lenses.

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    Re: Lensbaby tilt trqnsformer with lens adapter

    Adriano Lolli's and perhaps Kipon tilt adapters appear to give more control than the lensbaby.

    Does it have a locking screw or would it droop down on its own when a lens is attached?

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