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Thread: E-PL2 vs E-PL1 build quality

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    E-PL2 vs E-PL1 build quality

    None of my local stores have the E-PL2 in stock but I have read very favourable reviews and love my E-P2 so looking to possibly get one as a second body

    One of the things that put me off the E-PL1 was the build quality where, to me, the camera felt it was made of very light plastic. I appreciate the E-PL2 won't be as solid as the E-P2 but I'd welcome views of those that have held both the E-PL1 and E-PL2

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    Re: E-PL2 vs E-PL1 build quality

    From DPReview. With my own experience I can say quality is much nearer to E-P1/2 than to PL1.

    Build quality is excellent, exactly as we'd expect from a camera in the PEN range (and any camera at this price). The E-PL2 is solid and well-built, and most of its control points have a positive, high-quality feel. The only exception, sadly, is the rear dial, which (like the E-P2's) is rather small and fiddly. Despite its lower-end billing E-P2 users interested in the E-PL2 as a second body certainly won't feel like they've taken a step downwards.

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    Re: E-PL2 vs E-PL1 build quality

    I've tried out the E-PL2 side by side in store with my E-PL1, build quality and the feel of the E-PL2 body and the new lens is definitely a notch up from its older sibling.

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