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Thread: Lumix Stabilizer "modes"

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    Lumix Stabilizer "modes"

    My G3 came with the kit zoom, which is my first encounter with Lumix stabilization features (I've been using a GF1 with 20 and 14, so no stabilization). Just trying it out of curiosity, I find there are three "modes" listed along with "off" in the menu, but I can't turn up any reference in the manual to what these modes are. Levels or strengths of stabilizing action perhaps? Anybody know the answer?

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    Re: Lumix Stabilizer "modes"

    I'm like yourself digging through the menu levels with the limited help of the User Guide.
    But, as far as I can see the only description (such as it is) of the Stabiliser options appears on page 69.

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    Re: Lumix Stabilizer "modes"

    Here's what the manual for my GF1 says:

    Using one of these modes, jitter during picture taking is detected, and the camera automatically compensates the jitter, enabling jitter-free images to be taken.

    Check that the [O.I.S.] switch on the lens is set to [ON].

    [MODE1]: Jitter is always compensated during [REC] mode.

    [MODE2]: The jitter is compensated for when the shutter button is pressed.

    [MODE3]: Camera shake is corrected for up/down movements. This mode is ideal for panning (a method of taking pictures which involves turning the camera to track the movements of a subject which continues to move in a fixed direction).

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Lumix Stabilizer "modes"

    On the G3 there are only two modes.

    The first one is always stabilizing and the second one is used for panning the camera (you are telling the camera not to try and stabilize for the horizontal movement).

    On previous cameras there were three modes.

    Mode 1 - always stabilizing
    Mode 2 - only stabilizes when you are pressing the shutter
    Mode 3 - panning

    Of all the tests on the old models Modes 1 & 2 were really close in the effectiveness but mode 1 used up a bit more batteries. Most people chose mode two. Mode 1 is always used in video and the cameras.

    It isn't clear why on the G3 modes 1 & 2 were collapsed into just one choice.

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    Re: Lumix Stabilizer "modes"

    Simon, Terry, thanks. That clarifies it.

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