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Thread: GH1, 14-45 and AF during video

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    GH1, 14-45 and AF during video


    for some reason I was under the impression that the 14-45 did not do AF during video on the GH1. When I sold my G1 body to buy a GH1 body I kept the 14-45 lens which came with my G1.

    Pretty soon I discovered that the 14-45 does actually AF on the GH1 during video.

    Today I discovered that its actually also dependent on my selecting one of the MOV recording formats and that when selecting any of the AVCHD formats it fails to AF.

    Does anyone know if this is normal, or what the expected?

    Does the new 14-45 power zoom lens then do AF on AVCHD while this one doesn't?


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    Re: GH1, 14-45 and AF during video

    I don't know about the 14-45, but I have the 14-42 and the autofocus works just fine in AVCHD on my GH1.

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