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Thread: Canon 200mm f2.8 good, adapter-BAD!

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    Canon 200mm f2.8 good, adapter-BAD!

    Picked up the old FD Canon for a song but the FD adapter I have is shabby, straight from China, doesn't lock well, there is play. The m4/3r bayonet part works well enough. I'm wondering if I shouldn't just unify the adapter with epoxy and leave it on the lens since there is little need for the FD mount otherwise?

    The lens actually works well. Not as well as my Contax 180mm f2.8 or a Nikon ED 180mm f2.8, but it's pretty decent wide open.

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    Re: Canon 200mm f2.8 good, adapter-BAD!

    I'd spend another $30 and try a different adapter first. Who knows, you might want to get other FD lenses in the future!

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