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Thread: Comparo: Pan 14-45mm, Oly 12-50mm & Oly 14-42mm 4/3rds

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    Comparo: Pan 14-45mm, Oly 12-50mm & Oly 14-42mm 4/3rds

    To see the full-sized images, click the link. To see the differences, you really have to.
    Also, anyone looking for a really decent kit lens (and if you got the 4/3rds to m4/3rds electronic adapter in the E-M5 North American deal) Henry's Outlet store in Mississauga, Ontario has five of the Olympus 14-42mm 4/3rds lenses for $49.00/ea. in stock.
    I'm pretty impressed with the old lens, and it and the adapter don't weight much more than the pan 14-45mm. Note: Focusing is slow, about 2 seconds.

    All lenses set at 14mm, on the E-M5.

    Comparison of 3 lenses.jpg photo - Richard Anderson photos at

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    Re: Comparo: Pan 14-45mm, Oly 12-50mm & Oly 14-42mm 4/3rds

    Thanks Rich!

    Out of curiosity, what aperture were these at?

    Also, wow the 12-50 does not look very good at all! I know the 14-45 is darn good, but something seems off with the 12-50. I'd say maybe slightly out of focus, but actually the center is much better than the edge - almost like their is field curvature or something.

    $49 is quite the bargain! On the other hand I think you can pick up m43 14-42's for around $100 used and get fast AF.

    Anywho, thanks for sharing and posting the nice comparison image.


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