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Thread: EM-5 with 20/1.7

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    EM-5 with 20/1.7

    Hi everyone,

    I'm using this combination and I'm not that happy with it. The pictures are ok (although the automatic CA and fringing correction is missing compared to when used with my GF1, CA is no problem in LR4 but to remove the fringing is a bit more time consuming... and then of course the banding issue),
    But what is really making me unhappy is the focusing. AF in good light is ok (but only a little bit faster than with the gf1 I was hoping for much faster), but in low light and on low contrast subjects the af hunts and sometimes doesn't find the correct focus at all (with or without high frame rate evf) when the gf1 finds it with no hunting at all.
    Also MF is not great at all (I prefer to use mf in general, so this is more important than the af issues), the "focus throw" is very long and sometimes the lens is unresponsive when I turn the focus ring.
    In short I think it is a pain to shoot with the 20 on the om-d (i also have the 45/1.8 oly which is much better in every respect but due to the different focal length I don't use it that often)

    I was wondering if anyone else had noticed similar issues with that lens?

    Also I would be interested in a comparison with the 14/2.5 and the 25/1.4 do they handle better on the om-d? (I'm only interested in the handling, not the image quality, I'm very happy with the image quality of the 20, but I hate to use it on the om-d)


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    Re: EM-5 with 20/1.7

    Hey, Simon. The 20/1.7 has been noticeably slower than newer m4/3 lenses on Olympus bodies since the last PEN release (E-P3, E-PL3, E-PM1)... it just hasn't been able to keep up with the body AF improvements. The 25/1.4 and 14/2.5 seem to focus instantly in comparison on the E-M5 and they are also better at locking in low light.


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