Hi, All-
Newest member here, just discovered this forum searching Olympus OM-D grips. I just ordered an OM-D, expect it to be here Monday- I currently have an E-PL2 which I plan on putting up for sale.
I'm not a great photographer, passable/learning hobbyist/amateur trying to learn more- and improve my right side brain useage (which is about the size of a pea!).
I had wanted to buy a Fuji XS-1 ever since they were announced- but the problems with them- along with Fuji's continuing to sell products they knew were flawed steered me to the OM-D, which I know I'll end up with a better camera. Planning on ordering one of John Milich's grips- less expensive and more functional than the Oly grip- in light of the fact I don't need the bells and whistles of the Oly grip- just a functional improved grip.
Looking forward to perusing this forum and seeing what all's here!
Atlantic Beach, FL