currently considering buying a GF to do a few things and have soldiered on (happily) with my GH1 for some time now.

My tendency is to go for the GF1 but as its still dearer on the used market the GF2 makes me wonder if I should just save the money.

The issues I have against the GF2 are:
* battery /charger non interchange with my existing GH1, I expect that I'll need to have two chargers with me as the GH1 charger probably won't charge the GF2 battery

* lack of a shutter release (which isn't a big issue)

* concerns (probably groundless) about the strength of the screen being a touch screen

I intend to keep the GH1 so was thinking that I could have both.

But I am beginning to wonder if another compact camera all together wouldn't be a better choice anyway ... considering that I need to see to MF well and my arms aren't long enough to do that without glasses

thanks for your time