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Thread: Battery for OM-D M5

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    Battery for OM-D M5

    There was a thread on the best option for a 3rd party battery last year, but since I see no recent comments I'll raise the topic again.

    I purchased a battery from one of Amazon's affiliates in January, since it seemed to be one of the better options available at the time :

    "EZOPower Olympus BLN-1/ BLN1 Full-Decoded Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery 1020mAh EZCBA36 for Olympus OM-D EM-5 E-M5 Digital Camera"

    My guess is that I was only able to got around 300 shots, and it's now dead, doesn't hold a charge and is out of warranty - maybe I was just unlucky.

    Anyone have anything new to report in this area - is there a new supplier whose product ticks all the boxes? (or just spring for the genuine article?)

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    Re: Battery for OM-D M5

    Sorry Les, can't help you with this.
    Only shooting with two genuine batteries, served me fine so far.

    All the best.
    Bart ...

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