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Thread: G1? G-wow!

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    G1? G-wow!

    The medium length story. My g/f is a sculptor/visual artist and I wanted to get her a dSLR for xmas (she inherited my DLux3 when I bought the Dlux4). Since I have a Pentax and a couple of nice primes I picked up a K200d and 16-45 zoom figuring that should could borrow my primes if she wanted. The goal was to get her something with a bit more resolution than the Leica for documenting her work as well as selling prints.

    Well, the K200d showed up and I wasn't impressed. We shot it back to back with my K20d and it just wasn't working for me. Of course that is why there are return policies. So I was close to just ordering up a K20d when I started pondering other alternatives. I have an old Nikon 18-70DX lens, so I was thinking maybe D90. But while it is cool, it just didn't quite seem "right" for what she needed. I came back to the G1 and watched the video on the LL review comparing body sizes. Well, that was a great selling point, but really the "killer feature" is the articulated screen. When she is shooting her pieces, often she needs the camera at odd angles and looking through a viewfinder isn't an option. A quick trip to the local shop to handle one, and we walked out with her new-improved xmas present - a G1 with the 14-45 kit lens.

    After an impatient battery charging wait she started messing around with it, and we did some comparisons with my K20d with 31/1.8 ltd lens. The Pentax should have crushed the G1 with the kit lens, as we were shooting in my rather dark living room. It didn't. In fact, the G1 bested it in a few situations as shown below in the crop. That was stupid low light, and the clarity on the green bamboo candle holders beat my Pentax and prime.

    Then it was off for some shots at the beach. I have to say that the G1 is all that and a bag of chips. She is reading the manual as I type, but it seems to be a very well thought out camera, and the electronics are pretty damn smart. I'd love to see what it cranks out with a small prime and/or some other glass. Seems that I could get her some Voigtlander primes from Cameraquest and use the adapter...though she wants a long zoom first.

    At any rate, thanks to all here who posted on the G1. Now I might have to get a second one for myself...though I may wait for the version that does video. And it would be nice if it were just a tad bigger for my hands...

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    Re: G1? G-wow!

    Well done. I'm sure she appreciates your efforts. The articulated LCD certainly comes in handy when you don't want to lie on the floor or do other sorts of contortions.

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