I am doing a portrait studio shoot this week.

I can do Eye-Fi to a tablet but I'd prefer, on this occasion, to show the images on my studio PC.

Snag is the studio PC does not have wifi. I have a wifi usb stick but it's quite a chore setting the PC up to handle the Eye-Fi card as it needs to see the internet to dial in to the Eye-Fi control site and that means tethering my cellphone to the PC. Yes it can be done but I'd far rather connect the camera to the PC by USB cable and forget wifi.

But then I read that the cameras controls will not work if it has an USB cable attached. Yes?

Any help would be appreciated. Somewhere else I read that Olympus were giving away a free copy of Olympus Studio and that supported tethering but I am not sure if it is still around.

Google has found me this:-


Any users?

Any other ideas?