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Thread: Two new lenses coming in 2015

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    Two new lenses coming in 2015

    There will be a 300mm F4 and a 7-14mm F2.8

    more about them through 43rumors

    They are Olympus lenses. The E-M1 plus that 300mm F4 should be a killer outfit for birding.. But then, I'm not a birder.

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    Re: Two new lenses coming in 2015

    Both great lenses, I definitely will get the 7-14.

    I have no doubt the 4/300 will be excellent, but I would have preferred a same quality zoom - say 100-300, as it is much more versatile in the field for wildlife.
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    Re: Two new lenses coming in 2015

    Well, no panic - they will be released as early as next year - plenty of time to save up your pennies ... :sleep006:
    Bart ...

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    Re: Two new lenses coming in 2015

    Yes, I figure that the 7-14mm 2.8 will probably be at least $1,299 or so. I think the 7-14mm Panasonic was $999 ish when it launched.

    There have been a few times using older Micro 4/3 cameras that I wished for an extra stop of light when using the Panasonic 7-14mm indoors or at night. I figure when I get a GX7, I may not be as worried about high ISO shooting.

    I may pickup an Olympus 7-14mm when it comes out depending on the price. If it's low enough, it may just become an impulse buy.

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