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Thread: Interesting Adaptor Idea

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    Interesting Adaptor Idea

    Given the register difference and the smaller format of m43 vs 35mm SLR mounts, I wonder whether or not a m43 T/S adaptor would be doable, a la the MF T/S adaptors for 35mm mounts.

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    Re: Interesting Adaptor Idea

    Not only doable, I have been using a few for the past 2 years on Nikon APS-C bodies.

    D40x, A 28mm T/S lens, f/5.6

    Even the long registry of Nikon F mount does not matter.

    I am less enthusiastic about a T/S lens for the m4/3rds because the sensor is even smaller. With the G1, even getting a straight forward shot requires the "right" light and some post processing so that most of the frame isn't blown.

    I would rather go up in format than down when it comes to T/S lenses.

    => Fat pixels.

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