Comet Lulin is making a pass by our planet on its' way through the solar system! It's visible in North America now in the southern sky with a good pair of binos (Google it for exact locations & time etc.) but it should get a bit brighter by the time it passes us around the 25th of Feb and it might become visible to the naked eye in good dark skies by then. It's traveling very nearly in the plane of our solar system but in the reverse direction of our planets which means that when it passes us in later Feb. its' movement against the background stars will be clearly noticeable in a good telescope! That's pretty cool if you ask me.

Here is an image I captured this morning in very light polluted pre-dawn skies. Every version I tried that had artificially boosted black levels looked terrible so I decided to just leave it with most of the sky glow in place.

G1, 11" Celestron scope with Hyperstar lens, 15sec @ f/2 and iso500.