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Thread: Olympus: 12 MP are enough

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    Olympus: 12 MP are enough

    There is an interesting article on cnet with Akira Watanabe.

    Olympus has declared 12 megapixels enough and they will work on dynamic range, color reproduction, and better ISO.

    Also interesting is that he claims contrast based AF will exceed phase detection in the future. It sounds like he's considering the whole package rather then just speed, but it looks like Olympus still has some exciting research they haven't shown to people yet.
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    Re: Olympus: 12 MP are enough

    Which is kind of curious, isn't, since Panasonic makes the sensors for Olympus? Certainly, Panasonic has just released a camera with a 14MP (though 12 effective) sensor... but they are working on changes to improve dynamic range and other image quality... I'm fine with 12MP in the 4/3 size. And boy, if they could double the dynamic range....that would be great.

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