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Thread: Blood moon 2019

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    Blood moon 2019

    These photos of the blood moon were taken on 21. Jan. 2019 from the hilly landscape in Weinviertel north of Vienna

    All with Olympus EM1.2 and 300/4 PRO with TC1.4

    2019-01-21_0022.jpg by ptomsu, on Flickr

    2019-01-21_0096.jpg by ptomsu, on Flickr

    2019-01-21_0104.jpg by ptomsu, on Flickr

    2019-01-21_0151.jpg by ptomsu, on Flickr
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    Re: Blood moon 2019

    Great stuff, Peter. Looks like you had clear skies.

    Mine were less successful and affected by cloud. Elsewhere in the UK people seemed to have clear skies but not me. G9+200/2.8+TC2.0

    This was as the shadow was about 15 mins to totality

    This was only a few minutes from totality but at this point cloud had begun to move over the image and my exposure settings suddenly went through the roof. At totality the disc was entirely obscured and that was that!
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