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Thread: Any fast tele-zoom options for the G1 ?

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    Any fast tele-zoom options for the G1 ?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here, I discovered the forum hunting information about using legacy lens for the G1. I read many interesting discussions here about the new opportunities offered by the mirror-less MFT design, thanks to all the knowledgable people I can read here.

    I have not yet a G1 but I consider getting one soon (or the G1H). However, there is one area where I feel a bit stuck: a very attractive feature of 4/3 sensor for me is the opportunity of compact and less bulky telephoto (for casual sport shooting in particular). And strangely, the only lens that seems to fit the bill for me is the Zuiko 50-200/2.8-3.5 zoom, which as I understand is not compatible with contrast based AF .

    And I have not seen this lens range addressed in panasonic offer or roadmap: both the G lens for MFT and Leica/Panasonic lens for FT are relatively slow and fall a bit short at the tele end (180-200mm is a must for me). Same for the 40-150mm Zuiko, which can work with contrast based AF but is too short, too slow and - although good value - not up to the optical performance of the excellent Zuiko 50-200.

    I find this a bit strange as 4/3 in theory could shine in telephoto performance... Is there any hope for the situation to get better with expected new lens? or I may have missed something obvious?

    Thanks for your comments
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