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Thread: OM Adaptor review

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    OM Adaptor review


    I've just done a quick review of my OM > micro 4/3rds adaptor from Ciecio7

    I've read from his ebay feedback that recent sales have got good feedback ... well I did leave positive feedback too ... but then I'm trying to encourage the market. If people only grumble and complain we'll be back where we were with nothing much on sale and not much choice ... and I like his prices.

    While he's a bit un-communicative (he's not a native English speaker) he has been very good to deal with so far.

    Although I'd like him to address a few production issues like the red paint

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    Re: OM Adaptor review

    Hi Pellicle,

    Thanks for the review. The changes you've done seem at once simple enough for ciecio7 to fix them easily, and hard enough for me not to attempt them. I find it a bit discouraging, because he has several interesting adaptors in his range.


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