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Thread: Olympus 14-42 question

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    Olympus 14-42 question

    My 14-42 E-P1 kit lens has a lot of play in the inner barrel. As I walk around with it I can feel it moving inside the outer barrel. Pretty strange. You can also move the inner barrel laterally with your fingers. Is this normal? Thanks.


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    Re: Olympus 14-42 question

    I don't know if it's normal or not, but mine was like that, in fact is was so loose, that when I had it set to S-AF-M and I was walking around, the camera would constantly go back and fourth from zoomed in manual focus on the screen to zoomed out auto focus. That was one of the reasons I sent it back. In my opinion, the EP-1 should never have been released with a zoom in the first place, least of all a cheap wobbly one.

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    Re: Olympus 14-42 question

    I don't have that issue of it being loose. I could definitely turn it a bit. Found that out in putting a filter on it the first day and then when taking the filter off.

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