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Thread: aperture, g1 and ACR

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    aperture, g1 and ACR

    just curious, has anyone tried the catapult plugin that
    allows aperture to use adobe camera raw for g1 raw imports??

    i'm on the cusp on deciding whether to go w/ aperture
    or lightroom. the inability of aperture to import g1 raws
    has been holding me back, but with this new plugin...

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    Re: aperture, g1 and ACR

    HI There.
    I use Aperture full time, and it bugs me that every camera is not covered (in my case the E-P1).
    However, I'm not sure that this plugin is particularly useful. If you're going to use ACR as your converter . . . or capture 1 or whatever, then use it, save the exported tiff files in a selected folder, and then import them to aperture - why pay someone else to do this simple task!

    Actually, with respect to G1 files and Aperture, I think the best bet is to convert to normal .dng files in Adobe dng converter, and then use these in Aperture.

    Just this guy you know

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